Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY steam mop pads

I used to use the old mop and bucket, but a few years ago I discovered the steam mop and was blown away! Imagine mopping that stinkin' dirty floor with nothing but hot water! No more buckets, or dirty mop heads, or crazy killer chemicals, just a mop and some water, brillian, right? Yes, but for one glitch, the microfibre mop pads! My Dirtdevil came with two mop pads, which is great in theory; but I found that by the I got mine really dirty relly fast, and I'd have to pause mopping until I did the laundry again. Plus, recently I lost one, so now I'm really strapped! So, I was planning on buying more pads but they sell them for almost $15/package (two per pack). So, I figured, why not make my own, atleast this way I can have a few of them to spare in case of emergencies or if I lose one again.Here is what I started with:(materials)Microfiber cloth ElasticThreadNeedleScissorsMeasuring tapePinsHere is how I measured to get the right fit:Here is how I sewes each piece:Here is the finished product:I used brown because white pads get really dirty and ugly, atleast the brown ones won't look so bad when they get all stained up!The cost per pad:The Dirt Devil website will sell you extra pads at $10.99 plus $4.95 for shipping, which comes to $15.94, approximately, $7.97/pad.If you DIY, you can get the microfiber clothes at $1.15 for 4, and the elastic (which you won't use all of) for $1.15, which comes to $2.30, approximately $0.57 / pad!!!! Tell me that's not awesome!Love to see your pics if you try this DIY.